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The Girl Scout Brownies are the second level of Girl Scouts of the USA. Second and third graders are in this level.


The Brownie girls either have a brown vest or a sash and they each have a place on it to put their patches and pins. If you have a vest, you put your patches just like the other vests in the other groups. If you wear a sash, you put the American Flag at the top, with the Council Identifaction patch under it, and with your troop # under that! You put the insignia tab, with the pins on your shirt.

Patches and Pins

The Girl Scout Brownies have about 70 types of patches and pins. Here's a list of them all!

Showing You Belong

  1. American Flag Patch
  2. Girl Scout Brownie Membership Pin
  3. Girl Scouts of the USA Identification Strip
  4. Girl Scout Council ID Strip
  5. Insignia Tab
  6. Membership Star
  7. Brownie Disc for Membership Star
  8. Troop Crest
  9. Troop Numerals
  10. USA Girl Scouts Overseas Identification Strip Set (Only if you are a Girl Scout Overseas Troop)
  11. USA Girl Scouts Overseas Pin (Only if you are a Girl Scout Overseas Troop)
  12. World Trefoil Pin

Brownie Leadership Journey Awards

It's Your World- Change It! : Brownie Quest

  1. Discover Key Award
  2. Connect Key Award
  3. Take Action Key Award
  4. Brownie Quest Award

Brownie Quest- Skill Building Badges (Optional)

  1. Computer Expert Badge
  2. My Best Self Badge
  3. Dancer Badge
  4. Home Scientist Badge
  5. My Family Story Badge

It's Your Planet- Love It! : WOW! Wonders of Water 

  1. Love Water Award
  2. Save Water Award
  3. Share Water Award
  4. WOW! Award

WOW! Wonders of Water- Skill Building Badges (Optional)

  1. Potter Badge
  2. Household Elf Badge
  3. My Great Day Badge
  4. Senses Badge
  5. Hiker Badge

It's Your Story- Tell It! : A World of Girls

  1. Hear a Story Award
  2. Change a Story Award
  3. Tell a Story Award
  4. Better World for Girls Award

A World of Girls- Skill Building Badges (Optional)

  1. Letterboxer Badge
  2. Inventor Badge
  3. Pets Badge
  4. Making Games Badge
  5. Making Friends Badge

After you get all of the required awards, you will get the Girl Scout Brownie Journey Summit Award Badge!

Brownie Legacy National Proficiency Badges

  1. Artist - Painting Badge
  2. Athlete - Fair Play Badge
  3. Citizen - Celebrating Community Badge
  4. Cook - Snacks Badge
  5. First Aid - Brownie First Aid Badge
  6. Girl Scout Way - Brownie Girl Scout Way Badge
  7. Naturalist - Bugs Badge

Financial Literacy Badges

  1. Money Manager
  2. Philanthropist

Cookie Business Badges

  1. Meet My Customers
  2. Give Back

Special Opportunity Awards

  1. Bridge to Girl Scout Brownies Award
  2. Bridge to Girl Scout Juniors Award
  3. Girl Scout Brownie Safety Award
  4. Girl Scout Cookie Sale Activity Pin
  5. Girl Scouts Global Action Award
  6. Lady Baden-Powell International Friendship Award
  7. My Promise, My Faith Award (Year 1)
  8. My Promise, My Faith Award (Year 2)
  9. Religious Recognitions Award
  10. The President's Volunteer Service Award
  11. World Thinking Day Award

Meritorious Service Awards

(Only If you are a Girl Scout Overseas Troop)

  1. Medal of Honor Lifesaving Award
  2. Bronze Cross Lifesaving Award

Participation Patches and Pins

  1. Girl Scout Investiture Patch
  2. Girl Scout Rededication Patch
  3. International World Friendship Recognition Pin (Only of you are a Girl Scout Overseas Troop)

Journey Books

  1. It's Your World- Change It! : Brownie Quest
  2. It's Your Planet- Love It! : Wow! Wonders of Water
  3. It's Your Story- Tell It! : A World of Girls