Girl Scout Wiki

The Girl Scout Cadettes are the fourth level in the Girl Scouts of the USA. Sixth, seventh and eighth graders are in this level. 


Their uniform is a khaki vest or sash with white shirts and khaki bottoms.

Patches and Pins

There are about 70 patches and pins. Here's a list of them all!

Showing You Belong

  1. American Flag Patch
  2. Brownie Wings
  3. Girl Scout Membership Pin
  4. Council ID Set
  5. Insignia Tab
  6. Membership Star
  7. Cadette Disc for Membership Star
  8. Numeral Guard
  9. Troop Crest
  10. Troop Numerals
  11. USA Girl Scouts Overseas Identification Strip Set (Only if you are a Girl Scout Overseas Troop)
  12. USA Girl Scouts Overseas Pin (Only if you are a Girl Scout Overseas Troop)
  13. World Trefoil Pin 

Cadette Leadership Journey Awards 

aMAZE! The Twists and Turns of Getting Along: It’s Your World—Change It!

  1. Interact Award
  2. Diplomat Award
  3. Peacemaker Award
  4. LiA (Leader in Action)

Breathe: It’s Your Planet—Love It!

  1. Aware Award
  2. Alert Award
  3. Affirm Award
  4. LiA (Leader in Action)

MEdia: It’s Your Story—Tell It! Awards

  1. Monitor Award
  2. Influence Award
  3. Cultivate Award
  4. LiA (Leader in Action) 

Skill-Building Badge Sets (Associated National Proficiency Badges) 


  1. Digital Movie Maker
  2. Eating for Beauty
  3. Public Speaker
  4. Science of Happiness
  5. Screenwriter 


  1. Book Artist
  2. Woodworker 
  3. Special Agent 
  4. Trailblazing 
  5. Baby Sitter 


  1. Night Owl 
  2. Animal Helpers 
  3. Field Day 
  4. Entrepreneur 
  5. Netiquette 

Girls’ Choice Badges

  1. Archery
  2. Outdoor Art Apprentice 

Cadette Legacy National Proficiency Badges 

  1. Artist - Comic Artist
  2. Athlete - Good Sportsmanship
  3. Citizen - Finding Common Ground
  4. Cook - New Cuisines
  5. First Aid - Cadette First Aid
  6. Girl Scout Way - Cadette Girl Scout Way
  7. Naturalist - Trees 

Financial Literacy Badges 

  1. Budgeting
  2. Comparison Shopping
  3. Financing My Dreams 

Cookie Business Badges 

  1. Business Plan
  2. Marketing
  3. Think Big 

Mentoring Awards

  1.  Cadette Program Aide Award 

Special Opportunity Awards 

  1. Bridge to Girl Scout Cadettes Award
  2. Bridge to Girl Scout Seniors Award
  3. Cadette Community Service Bar
  4. Cadette Service to Girl Scouting Bar
  5. Girl Scout Cadette Safety Award
  6. Girl Scout Silver Award
  7. Girl Scouts Global Action Award
  8. Girl Scout Cadette My Promise My Faith (Year 1)
  9. Girl Scout Cadette My Promise My Faith (Year 2)
  10. Girl Scout Cadette My Promise My Faith (Year 3)
  11. Silver Torch Award
  12. World Thinking Day Award
  13. International World Friendship Recognition Pin 

Meritorious Service Awards 

  1. Medal of Honor Lifesaving Award
  2. Bronze Cross Lifesaving Award 


Cadettes are eligible to earn the Silver Award, which is the highest award available to girls at this level.